Max Switching Currents Up To 40 A: CUI’s Expanded Power Relay Product Line

November 23, 2022 by Damond Goodwin

CUI Devices has further expanded its power relay products. Suited for high-level current switching, the new line of power relays offers max switching currents from 5 A to 40 A.

What is a Power Relay?

A relay can be thought of as a switch that is activated by an electromagnetic coil. The coil is activated by an electrical current created somewhere in the control process. Once the electromagnetic coil is activated, the relay is activated, and the switch flips. Normally-open (NO) relays will close when the coil is activated, allowing current through the relay. Normally-closed (NC) relays allow current through the relay until the coil is energized, at which point the switch opens and current through the relay stops. 


CUI Devices Power Relays

Power relays should be used in higher amperage applications. Image used courtesy of CUI Devices

All relays behave in the same basic manner regardless of their construction and any variations between different types. When talking about the amount of current and voltage to be switched, however, relays can be grouped into two main types, power and signal relays. Signal relays should be used where the amperages are low and power relays should be used in higher amperage applications. This is because power relays are designed for higher voltage and can corrupt lower voltage signals if used in the wrong application. Signal relays are designed to change signals, which generally consist of lower amperages.  


CUI Devices' Relays Group Power Relays

CUI's lineup of power relays offer a wide range of max switching currents from 5 to 40 A. Image used courtesy of CUI Devices


CUI Devices Power Relays

The CUI Devices’ Relays Group has expanded their power relay lineup and aims to provide manufacturers with relays for high-power switching applications. CUI promises the industries best lead times to eliminate delays in the building stage of manufacturing equipment or in maintenance routines.  

The relays are rated to be used in different manufacturing processes including, controls, safety, and measurement, among other applications. With a wide range of amperage ratings, 5 A to 40 A, they have a large range of uses depending on the task they are assigned to. A variety of contact coatings are available and Ag Alloy overlay contact material is optional. In addition, the relays are able to handle large switching voltages up to 440 Vac or 120 Vdc.  


CUI Devices Power Relays

CUI's power relays are fit for use in various manufacturing processes, including controls, safety, and measurement. Image used courtesy of CUI Devices


The coils equipped in relays take energy to activate the relay, and CUI power relays need from 200 to 900 mW, depending on the size of the relay being used. The activation voltages are offered in 5, 12, or 24 Vdc, giving customers the ability to use the relays directly with the signal voltage being sent. The units are competitively priced with relays costing $0.70 when bought in bundles of 100 units or more at a time. 


Electronic Components Manufacturing

CUI Devices is an electronic components manufacturer that specializes in many different types of product technologies. They manufacture components and parts for a range of technologies including relays, interconnects, sensors, switches, and thermal monitoring solutions. The company was started in 1989 near Portland, Oregon with the intention of providing customers with electronic solutions to help make their manufacturing goals a reality.