Mitsubishi Electric Automation Releases New Industrial Robot With Small Payload Capabilities

October 06, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Mitsubishi Electric introduces its new small payload industrial robot, the RV-8CRL. 

Mitsubishi recently announced the release of its new industrial robot, the RV-8CRL. The company serves a range of markets, including solutions for robotics applications.

Mitsubishi's automation products portfolio includes motion control systems, programmable logic controllers, variable frequency drives, servo amplifiers and motors, operator interfaces, computer numerical controls, industrial robots, and industrial sewing machines.

The company's RV-8CRL is intended for OEM use and customers looking for enhanced safety options, easy implementation, and reducing downtime and maintenance. 


Mitsubishi's MELFA RV-8CRL

The 8kg payload RV-8CRL features a smooth curved exterior with minimal protrusions, a small robot base, and a D Type controller (standalone type, CR800 controller). This allows the robot to operate within confined spaces and maximizes space utilization within smaller factory setups. The compact design makes it suitable for simple integration with automation cells and manufacturing equipment. 


Mitsubishi's MELFA RV-8CRL. Image courtesy of Mitsubishi.


"We are excited to introduce RV-8CRL to the industrial robot marketplace," said Scott Strache, product manager at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc in a recent news release. "It features quality, performance, and compatibility wrapped into a package that reduces maintenance and operating costs, all while backed by a three year on-site warranty", Strache added. 


IP Rating and Improved Performance

The RV-8CRL comes with an ingress protection (IP) rating (IP65) that ensures protection of the technology from any penetration by oil, mist, or dust. It uses an HK motor, the latest development in servo motor technology from Mitsubishi. The new motor effectively reduces size and weight and improves accuracy, responsiveness, and torque characteristics. The performance of the RV-8CRL is optimized due to the light-weight nature of the design and improved release of heat. 

Intelligent technology is at the heart of the RV-8CRL. It has a force sensor that monitors and checks pressing force and force conditions at the time of insertion, enhancing the quality of operations. A 3D vision sensor is in-built into the design of the robot kitting and separation of scattered or stacked workpieces. A 2D vision sensor is also fitted with a configuration tool to enable easy calibration of the robot and camera. 


Tracking, Axis Control, and Safety

Besides the features mentioned above, Mitsubishi's new robot comes standard with tracking and additional axis control. A workpiece can be tracked on a conveyor without stopping it to ensure effective transfer, alignment, and assembly of products. A build user mechanism controls multiple axes simultaneously with the ability to control up to 8 axes. The additional axes can be used with Mitsubishi's servo motor MELSERVO(MR-J4-B). 

Safety functions for the RV-8CRL, such as safety monitoring, are compliant with international standards and simplify risk assessment for users. The development and operation of safety systems are further simplified through the safety logic function. Lastly, redundant safety I/O is extended to 8 inputs and 4 outputs to generate new safety systems.