Nearly 100 Years After First Invention, ABB Launches Next Generation of Miniature Circuit Breakers

April 25, 2023 by Damond Goodwin

ABB has improved its miniature circuit breaker (MCB) technology nearly 100 years after ABB first launched the technology. The new generation of MCBs is designed for greater efficiency, performance, and ease of use.

ABB has released its new generation of miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) designed to replace the previous S200 P. The improved circuit breaker, the S300 P, finds itself on the market almost 100 years after ABB first launched its MCB technology. ABB has worked to improve its circuit breakers' safety, performance, and sustainability with its latest addition.


ABB S300 P new generation of industrial high performance miniature circuit breakers
ABB's new generation of industrial miniature circuit breakers, the S300 P. Image used courtesy of ABB


The Importance of Circuit Breakers 

Circuit breakers are an important part of power distribution systems, acting as a final safety measure between the power source and the equipment utilizing power. 

A circuit breaker is an on/off device capable of stopping or allowing electrical flow. These devices can work automatically in the case of an overvoltage or other electrical surge where the breaker "trips," opening the circuit to stop the power surge from damaging downstream equipment. They also have the ability for manual operation, and a lever is usually used to flip the state of the circuit breaker.

Circuit breakers vary in size depending on the intended use and the amount of power that passes through them. MCBs, for instance, are used in applications with a low amperage, such as robot cabinets, homes, offices, and light-duty industrial applications.


The S300 P MCB is fit for use in a wide range of applications, including buildings, data centers, and machineries. Video used courtesy of ABB


ABB S300 P Miniature Circuit Breaker

ABB's new generation of MCBs, the S300 P, features an increased impulse withstand voltage, giving it a wider safety margin for improved equipment and worker safety. The breakers also come with an integrated Trip Position Indicator (TPI), allowing technicians to find tripped breakers in less time and with greater ease.

The S300 P MCBs also come with a QR code printed on the front of the breaker giving workers and technicians easy access to technical data whenever necessary, reducing wasted time spent searching for the appropriate manuals during maintenance or whenever necessary.

The S300 P can accept larger cable sizes than previous models and can accept cables up to 35 mm². There is an auxiliary contact on the bottom, and the breaker is only one module wide, greatly enhancing space savings. Lower internal resistance means less power is lost to heat, and energy savings are increased with higher efficiency.

Location is not an issue either since the S300 P MCBs are certified for use worldwide.


ABB aims to help reduce environmental impacts with its newest generation of MCBs (click to enlarge). Image used courtesy of ABB


Environmental Impact Transparency

ABB has added a greater degree of transparency for customers on the environmental impact of the S300 P, the first of ABB's circuit breakers to do so, and displays the Company's EcoSolutions label​. The label ensures that the circuit breaker's environmental impact can be seen throughout its lifecycle.

To do so, ABB ensured it was verified with the Type III Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and in compliance with ISO 14025. This ensures that ABB meets higher standards for more sustainable supply chains to help reduce future environmental impacts.