Omron’s Code Reader Aims to Increase Long-distance Sensing and Eliminate Positioning Issues

February 01, 2022 by Shawn Dietrich

The latest barcode reader from Omron introduces multiple code reading, X-mode algorithms, and more.

Omron is an automation component manufacturer and supplier. Recently, the company introduced a fixed mount long-distance barcode reader. Personnel can trace parts throughout the manufacturing process via a barcode printed on the part or packaging. 


The front of the V440-F barcode scanner. Image courtesy of OMRON


Barcodes can come in many different shapes and sizes and different locations. Typically, the reader is trained to read one type of barcode in the field of view. 


V440-F Features Multiple Codes, Long Distance, and More

Some of the most complex barcode reading applications are when multiple barcodes are read at one time. To solve this problem, designers often have multiple readers at different locations, a costly solution. The V440-F has a dual-core processor, allowing the reader to process up to 400 codes in a single field of view.

Finding a place to mount a camera or barcode reader within an automation cell can be difficult, especially when robots are within the cell. The V440-F uses a high-resolution image sensor that provides long-distance reading capabilities. The V440-F uses a C-mount style lens so that standard lenses can provide a custom field of view at different ranges. 


The back of the V440-F barcode scanner. Image courtesy of OMRON


With any barcode reader, there needs to be a way to configure the reader for the application. The V440-F uses a web browser-based application WebLink 3.0. Using this web application, the user can configure the reader to read specific codes and use included features, such as matrix mode, ordered output, and X-mode. 

Barcodes are not perfect. They commonly have imperfections that could cause the reader not to recognize the barcode. If the barcode cannot be decoded, the part is rejected, which can be costly. The X-mode algorithm is a feature that assists the reader to successfully decode barcodes that are small or are printed with blemishes or even on challenging backgrounds. 

The V440-F supports all the major barcodes: 

  • QR Code
  • Data Matrix
  • Micro QR Code
  • Aztec Code
  • DotCode
  • DMRE 


The codes can be either 2D or 1D. The V440-F uses the following industrial communication protocols: RS-232, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, USB, and ProfiNet. The included light source is an external LED lighting fixture. 


Industrial Uses

Barcode readers are used in many different manufacturing industries, from medical to automotive, and even food and beverage industries use barcodes to track products throughout the manufacturing life cycle. 

This particular reader can read up to 400 different codes in one picture, making it useful in shipping applications where multiple codes can exist on one package. Another use would be reading multiple codes on multiple parts. Battery packs for electric cars are made up of smaller battery cells with tracking barcodes. Instead of reading each code individually, why not read them all in one shot with the V440-F?