Oriental Motor Expands Brushless Motor Lineup to Include Gearheads and More

June 14, 2021 by Seth Price

Oriental Motor adds the BMU and BLE-2, two new brushless motors to their motor collection.

The latest motors are available in hollow shaft, flat gear (FR gearhead) configurations for space savings, and reduced parts and maintenance. 


The BMU and BLE-2 series motors. Image courtesy of Oriental Motor


Oriental Motor offers various motors and controllers for industrial use. The latest collection of motors add to their developments in motion control. For users who need help choosing a motor, their website features online sizing and selection calculators based on the load and motion required.


The BMU Series 

The BMU series motors were previously available in parallel shaft and round shaft configurations but are now available with hollow shaft configurations. The FR gearhead configuration may reduce the space required for installation because it doesn’t require a shaft coupling or belt and pulley drive system to operate.


A size comparison between a parallel shaft motor and an FR gearhead configuration. Image courtesy of Oriental Motor


For tight spaces, the FR gearhead offers more space for maintenance tasks.


The FR Gearhead Configuration

Oriental Motor says the FR gearhead configuration allows the motors to avoid hitting a torque saturation limit, as solid-shaft motors do. 


Torque comparison of Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead and Parallel Shaft Gearhead configurations. Image courtesy of Oriental Motor


All electric motors have a torque limit, where the magnetic effects begin to cause the motor to heat up instead of applying more torque. For example, simply adding a larger gear (changing the gear ratio) will not produce more torque due to electrical and magnetic effects. These effects are reduced with the FR gearhead, and the motor can run at much higher torque.


The BLU and BLE-2 Series

The BLU and BLE-2 series motors are variable speed motors. The primary difference is in their speed-setting methods. The BLU series is adjustable through a controller that can be set by a technician. 

The BLE-2 can be controlled by adjusting an input voltage signal, so users can apply this in a feedback loop and adjusted it throughout a continuous process. Oriental Motor claims that the BLU series motors have simple wiring for quick installation. The BLE-2 series motors may be more configurable and can operate under advanced control.


Video used courtesy of Oriental Motor


The BLE-2 ⅙ hp and ¼ hp motors also feature electromagnetic braking modules. Electromagnetic braking can slow the rotation of a motor by inducing an electromagnetic force to the rotor. This can precisely adjust the speed and is used in the railroad industry to control the speed of locomotives.

Both series are available in a range of power settings (1/25 hp to ½ hp) and adjusted from 80 RPM to 4000 RPM. Motors are available in configurations that can be lubricated with food-safe lubricants, making them usable in the food and beverage industries. They are sealed to IP65, IP66, and IP67 standards so they can be sprayed with high-pressure water and even immersed in water for a limited time. This can also improve their utility in the food and beverage industry, where water is often splashed and sprayed onto process equipment.

The compact footprint and available options make the BLU and BLE-2 series motors a unique option for many industries. Whether they are used to drive an assembly line, or an agitation paddle on a small reactor, these motors may find their way into various industrial processes.