Pro-face America, a Schneider Electric Company, Announced New STM6000 Modular HMI Series

January 20, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

Technology company Pro-face America released the STM6000 Modular HMI series.

In a recent news release, Pro-face America announced its STM6000 Modular HMI series. The STM6000 series complements the ST6000 range and aims at improving the overall visualization level of basic HMI devices.


STM6000 HMI series

The STM6000 HMI series. Image courtesy of Pro-face America.


The new devices build on the GP4000M models, improving performance and energy efficiency for various applications.


Pro-face America

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Pro-face America is a Schneider Electric company mainly focusing on manufacturing HMI devices and Industrial Personal Computers (IPCs). Beyond local product assembly and customization, Pro-face also provides training, repair, and technical support to customers thanks to its ISO 9001 certification.

The company was originally founded in 1972 and has pioneered a few inventions over the years.

According to their website, Pro-face was the first company to produce a touch screen flat panel operator interface. The company claims its hardware and software devices currently connect to more third party devices than any others in the industry.


The STM6000 HMI Series

Pro-face America's new HMI devices come in two display sizes, respectively 4” and 7” widescreen with gradation and transparency options, and an aluminum front panel. Both versions support multi-screen information for an overall improvement in operational efficiency.


STM6000 HMI series features multi-screen capabilities

The STM6000 HMI series features multi-screen capabilities. Image courtesy of Pro-face America.


The STM6000 range features interchangeable back ends to allow for pairing with Pro-face’s HMI development software to optimize operations and machine information.

The modular design also enables separation via cable accessory for specific applications where space, temperature, or vibration can constitute an obstacle to installation. In these scenarios, the devices can be separated with cables of 3m, 5m, or 10m to then install the specific display module on the panel door and the rear module on the DIN rail with a dock station adapter.

The STM6000 series also offers several connectivity options, including multiple Ethernet, Serial, and USB ports. 


Building on the GP4000M Series

Pro-face America developed the STM6000 HMI series as an upgrade to the GP4000M series.

The STM6000 HMI series’ versatility allows for several applications, introducing additional connectivity ports compared to the GP4000M series. The company recommends using the back end as a blind HMI on the factory floor or adding an additional screen with a 22mm install to easily replace as needed for the application.


An installation option for the STM6000 HMI series

An installation option for the STM6000 HMI series. Image used courtesy of Pro-face America.


The device's screen quality has been improved from 65,536 colors in the GP4000M series to 16 million in the STM6000. The newer model also features anti-aliasing capabilities, as well as customizable gradation and transparency.

Introducing compatibility with Pro-face allows the STM6000 range to utilize user-friendly protocols to easily connect devices via multiple interfaces and connect OT to IT with the OPC-UA server. For more information about the STM6000 HMI series, you can check out the Pro-face America website.