ProComSol Adds Softing mobiLink Power Modem to Product Portfolio

July 03, 2021 by Shawn Dietrich

This week, ProComSol added a new line of communication modems and combination kits to their portfolio.

ProComSol is an industry leader in producing Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) communication devices and software products.  

HART devices are mainly used in the process control and instrumentation industry, where a traditional 4-20ma sensor can be placed on a smart communication protocol, allowing compatible control systems to interface with the sensor. This week ProComSol has added a new line of communication modems and combination kits to their portfolio.  


Screenshot courtesy of MobiLink User Manual [PDF] from ProComSol


MobiLink Power HART Communication Modem

The MobiLink power modem is a handheld device that uses power from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to power and interface with your HART compatible device. Users can connect the power connections to the device in parallel, connect to the modem with the provided USB cable, and press the power button.  

Once they are powered on, open your desired PC software to start interfacing with the device. In a matter of seconds, an engineer can be taking readings from an analog device in the field or configuring a sensor at their desk, all without cluttered power cables or expensive control systems.  


Screenshot courtesy of MobiLink User Manual [PDF] from ProComSol


Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus

The new MobiLink power modem also supports Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus (FF). These models have the same features as the HART models, along with internal Fieldbus voltage polarity checks that prevent damage due to accidentally reversed polarity connections and a terminating resistor that can be automatically or manually through the API software enabled.  

Once the field bus is connected, any number of devices will be available at one time to configure or monitor with the compatible software.


Product Combinations 

ProComSol has combined all the components you will need to connect to your HART or FF device all in one convenient part number. Both the HART and the FF MobiLink modems have been combined into their respective packages, along with the DevCom 2000 software. This allows users to have all the cables needed to interface with the modem and allows the user configuration and monitoring of their HART or FF instrument. These convenient packages make for easy ordering and deployment to field engineers or maintenance personal. 


Versatile and Compact Device

Large process installations such as power plants or large-scale industrial facilities do not always have remote troubleshooting carts with power supplies. These assist maintenance personal or engineers when a sensor is no longer responding correctly or needs to be adjusted in the field. With the MobiLink power, no such cart is needed, just a laptop and a trained person can get connected to the affected device quickly and with limited connections.  


The new MobiLink power modem. Image used courtesy of ProComSol


During the development of process control systems, sensors and measuring instruments need to be configured and calibrated. These days, desk space is at a premium. With the MobiLink power, an engineer can power and configure the sensor or device before getting placed into the system. 

In today’s market, the system builder has less influence on which system protocol is used for communication between sensors. This has to do with the customer standardizing on one type of protocol. With the MobiLink product combination kit, the system builder would only need to purchase the HART/FF kit. They would have access to almost any compatible device in the plant with one interface device and software.