Robotic Process Automation Center of Excellence to Bring New Jobs and Education to Automation Industry

March 03, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Center of Excellence is making strides to provide educational and professional opportunities for those in the automation industry.

The first Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Center of Excellence has now officially opened in San Jose, California. The project will see the Center collaborating with RPA expert, Automation Anywhere, and PeopleShores, a Public Benefit Corporation, to bring hundreds of jobs and educational opportunities to the Mississippi Delta region by retraining and upskilling workers.

The announcement was made at the RPA Center of Excellence inauguration ceremony last Friday, where industry leaders described their plan to hundreds, including regional and local leaders.

Executives from both PeopleShores and Automation Anywhere said the RPA Center will serve as a research, design and development base for robotic process automation applications, and is expected to generate hundreds of high-value, tech-enabled automation jobs.


Impact Sourcing for Automation Excellency

The new partnership brings together PeopleShores' expertise in impact sourcing with Automation Anywhere’s software, one of the world's most widely deployed RPA platforms.

Taking advantage of the new partnership, these PeopleShores associates are trained through Automation Anywhere University (AAU), an institution that has certified more than 90,000 people globally in RPA. According to the institution, the new program will train hundreds from across the region.

Automation Anywhere, on the other hand, is a company that combines AI, machine learning, and analytics to automate automation processes, allowing employees to focus on more strategic tasks. According to the company’s website, this would translate into companies having more time to improve productivity and accelerate digital transformation.


Empowering Individuals from Diverse Backgrounds

With years of expertise in impact sourcing, PeopleShores will empower the RPA Center to fight for cities struggling to employ its citizens by creating a significant number of new jobs and educational opportunities in the area.


DENSO robot

Large robot from DENSO. Image taken on showroom floor at ATX West 2020. 


The center will employ local aspiring individuals from challenged backgrounds, train them on technical and engineering skills and enable them to deliver digital transformation and technology services required by large corporations. These efforts can help engineers in the field get into different aspects of the automation industry, such as robotics and packaging. 

People employed this way will undergo paid training and will be registered as full-time workers, with benefits including medical insurance and paid leave.

According to Jon Levingston, executive director of the Economic Development Authority of Coahoma County, the RPA Center of Excellence is a pioneer in the region.

“The fact that these outstanding companies chose Clarksdale, in the Mississippi Delta, is a testament to their belief in our labor force,” Levingston explained.

According to the executive director, the educational and work opportunities the Center will provide represent a groundbreaking effort to create more jobs and education for automation engineers.


Using Automation to Improve Employment

The Robotic Process Automation Center of Excellence is making strides to help the automation industry create jobs and opportunities for engineers in this space. 

Initiatives like the RPA Center of Excellence are at the forefront of this revolution, which will hopefully see more and more countries and institutions to follow. 


Do you think this will help further educational and professional opportunities for people in the automation industry?