Rockwell Automation Introduces Latest Partner Program for OEMs

December 09, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Rockwell Automation aims to boost business productivity for manufacturers through its updated Original Equipment Manufacturer Partner Program.

Recently, Rockwell announced the latest evolution of its global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Partner Program

The updated program offers manufacturers more simplicity, increased market access opportunities, and standardized product alignment. Rockwell hopes these updates will enable customers to utilize its technology and promote mutual business growth fully.


Rockwell and OEM Partners

Rockwell recognizes OEM Partners through its PartnerNetwork Program. Among many OEMs that work with Rockwell and utilize its solutions to ensure the design, development, and delivery of cutting-edge equipment, OEM Partners are selected. 


Rockwell’s OEM Partner Program was first established in 2010 and has since grown its global network to include almost 3,300 manufacturers. Image courtesy of Rockwell Automation. 


These partners show their commitment by using Rockwell Automation content throughout their portfolio. Together, the company and its partners work to search for the appropriate solutions to suit customers' needs.

In a recent press release, Dan Throne, OEM manager for North America at Rockwell Automation, provided his comments regarding the new program, “The right OEM is critical to the success of a manufacturing operation.” 

Throne added that “customers need innovative machines that easily integrate into their operations. They require flexible and efficient equipment that increases business agility, optimizes productivity, and can turn mined data into working information capital.”


What’s New to the Partner Program?

Over time, Rockwell’s continued relationship with its partner companies has generated discussion involving improving the existing Partner Program to help its customers better and incorporate participant feedback. 


Rockwell added updates to OEM Program. Image courtesy of Rockwell Automation


This resulted in some improvements to the program, including greater support, co-marketing, and information sharing.

Rockwell has made a co-marketing platform available to OEM customers. The company hopes that this will be a resource for customers to access information, industry case studies and knowledge of successful products. 

The platform provides OEMs and customers with added enhancements, including training and key industry players, to better formalize business alignment. They offer greater support to program participants through the provision of increased supply chain alignment and technical resources, as well as discounts and rebates.

One of Rockwell’s OEM partners of eight years, a US-based engineering company, Aagard, creates custom packaging automation systems. In the same press release, Jason Norlien, Aargard’s Vice President of technical sales, said, “Rockwell Automation’s OEM Program has opened up many strategic opportunities, both from a technology perspective as well as identifying new unfilled niches with end-users.” 

Norlien added that “Rockwell Automation has proven to be a true partner, and our brand association has positioned ourselves as a premier player in the packaging sector offering real value to customers.”