Schneeberger To Feature Linear Motion Products at ATX West

February 12, 2020 by Robin Mitchell

Schneeberger is highlighting its linear motion products for additive manufacturing applications and medical OEMs at ATX West this week. 

The company also highlights its engineering, production, application, and systems expertise on the showroom floor. Some of the products they will be featuring include the MINIRAIL, MINSCALE PLUS, and ball MONORAIL BM. 


Schneeberger products

Schneeberger products on the left, one of their facilities on the right. Image used courtesy of Schneeberger. 


Who Is Schneeberger?

Schneeberger is a company that specializes in a wide range of industrial systems and linear technology including linear bearings, integrated measuring systems, gear racks, slides, mineral casing, and precision positioning systems. The company was founded in Switzerland in the 1920s and has since expanded globally.

The company works with customers to create and design unique products based on each customer's specific needs. Many of their customers are seeking reliability, better accuracy, and a lower cost in their products. Santos mentioned, "we are able to deliver that because we’ve been making these products for 30 years”. 

"Designing it from the ground up provides them not only growth for the future, but the lowest total cost of ownership meaning can really hone in on parts that make the product more reliable and more manufacturable," mentioned Rommel De Los Santos, from Schneeberger. 


Schneeberger to Highlight Linear Motion Products at ATX West

Schneeberger is showcasing a variety of different linear motion products at ATX West this week. A few of the following are products that will be on display for attendees to see. 

  • MINIRAIL: These are offered in eight rail widths and four carriage lengths. 
  • MINSCALE PLUS: is used for all carriage lengths and all rails from 7 mm to 42 mm in width.
  • MONORAIL BM: This unique product features longitudinal cross wipers that offer a tight seal. 


Schneeberger's Variety of Integrated Measuring Systems

Aside from showcasing new technology at ATX West, Schneeberger has been busy in the last year. 

In the last year, Schneeberger released multiple linear technology systems including their MSQscale, recirculating units, and slides.

Their latest product addition, the MINISLIDE MSQscale, is a miniature linear guideway that is integrated with a distance measuring system. The MINISLIDE MSQ is designed for applications that require high speed and accuracy and is housed in a ready-to-install design so that installation time and effort is minimized.


Schneeberger minislide scale

The MSQscale and parts. Image used courtesy of Schneeberger


Schneeberger also has recirculating units, another linear technology product that has been recently announced. These units are high precision ridged rails that are used for linear guideways and have unlimited travel.

The linear guideways can be used in multiple environments including standard, clean rooms, and vacuum while size variations exist for tackling different load sizes. The linear guides come in a range of sizes numbered 1 to 12 and rails that have a size of 6 or above have integrated dampening elements. 

Schneeberger has been in business for decades now. They pride themselves on having years of experience working with customers in all stages of the design process.

"That’s where I think our biggest strength is, is our breadth of knowledge in the stages of development", said Santos. 



Did you attend ATX West? Let us know if you saw any of their linear motion technology up-close.