Schneider Electric Announces New Power Quality Meter: The PowerLogic ION9000

February 04, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Schneider Electric recently unveiled the latest addition to its portfolio of advanced power quality meters: the PowerLogic ION9000T.

Schneider Electric is evolving in different areas of electricals, including power quality meters. As more products are being released that comply with international cybersecurity standards, companies like Schneider are developing new components to keep up. 


What Is The PowerLogic ION9000?

The component from Schneider is the newest iteration of the company’s PowerLogic ION9000 series and builds on its predecessor by adding high-speed transient capture capabilities.

This will help facilities avoid outages, equipment damage, and interruption of operations.

"Legacy power meters aren't fast enough to capture a transient that occurs in a millionth of a second, does its damage, and disappears,” commented Drew Reid, Offer Manager of Power Solutions at Schneider Electric in a press release.

“The ION9000T samples at 10 MHz on 4-phase voltages,” Reid explained. Additionally, it can capture and record sub-cycle transients and provide assistance to engineers to find the root of certain problems. 

“Fortified with onboard power quality analytics, this is a powerful tool in reducing exposure to the unnecessary risks that threaten operations and power reliability."


Schneider's Powerlogic meter

Schneider's new PowerLogic ION9000. Image used courtesy of Schneider. 


Schneider's Portfolio Includes Wide Variety of Meters

In order to understand some of the ION9000T’s innovations, it is useful here to give some context about Schneider Electric’s meters’ portfolio.

Incorporating some of the most advanced technologies, Schneider Electric’s portfolio in this category includes a variety of products, designed with different uses in mind.

The PowerLogic PM8000 series and the ION7400 series, for example, focus on simplifying power quality and maximizing versatility. Meters in this category are high-performance compact devices, designed for cost and network management applications on feeders and critical loads.

When it comes to utility network monitoring, the PowerLogic ION8650 series is among the most suitable in Schneider Electric’s portfolio. Specifically, meters in this category are optimized for grid revenue, power quality, and substation automation applications.

The ION7550 and ION7650 series also focuses on utility network applications but are also designed for critical loads.

The meter resolves power quality issues faster with patented disturbance tracking technology and provides unique modularity designed to adapt to different energy needs.

In terms of the specifics, the high-speed transient capture capabilities give the PowerLogic ION9000T the following features:


  • Cybersecurity compliance that seeks to eliminate discrepancies
  • Extended waveform capture and disturbance direction detection (DDD). 
  • Smart power event analysis that automatically correlates specific trends and events based on time and type of incident
  • ION tailored programmability that allows engineers to adjust their power networks


Building on the advancements of the latest generation of power quality meters and the successes of the ION9000 and ION7650, the PowerLogic ION9000T adds new features to the company's portfolio. To see more of the features, you can visit the Schneider website


New Meter Can Be Applied In Various Environments

The meter can be used in data centers to locate disturbances, help predict maintenance needs, and aid in monitoring ongoing operations like battery health and runtime variations.

It can also be used in healthcare, to detect and prevent power incidents that could lead to patient risk and legal consequences.

Additionally, it is compliant with construction sites and industrial facilities, to provide key real-time, historical, and PQ information dashboards.

Finally, the meter can be used to manage utilities by providing much finer voltage supply tolerances or very enhanced reliability.


Interested in knowing more about the PowerLogic ION9000 series? You can read the products’ technical documents here.