SICK Sensors Adds Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE) Integration to Latest Laser Scanners

December 21, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

SICK re-introduces its microScan3 family of safety laser scanners but with added Fail Safe over EtherCAT integration.

SICK AG delivers sensor technology and solutions for industrial applications. 

Recently, SICK announced its latest offering of Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE) integration for its microScan3 family of safety laser scanners. 

This additional feature aims to maintain safe integration with various control systems with easy configuration and installation. The company claims this is the world’s first safety laser scanner with FSoE integration. 


The microScan3 Family

The microScan3 family of safety laser scanners was designed to provide control systems and automation engineers with an intelligent, robust solution that is safety-conscious.  

The microScan3 can promote high machine availability and productivity through the patented safeHDDM scanning technology. SafeHDDM is supported by SICK’s proven (high definition distance measurement) HDDM process. 


SICK’s microScan3 with patented safeHDDM scanning technology and FSoE integration. Image courtesy of SICK.

Users can expect high-precision measurement data through an Ethernet interface. The scan cycle of microScan3 is just 30 milliseconds, and thousands of single pulses are filtered for each cycle. 

From these single pulses, microScan3 calculates 715 safe measured values. The process for filtering and analysis provides a greater level of resistance to ambient light and dust.

With this technology, users can benefit from a compact design and wide scanning range within challenging ambient conditions. The microScan3 also comes with a protective field range of up to 9 m and a scanning angle of 275°. 

Up to 128 freely configurable fields and up to 8 simultaneous protective fields are available to users, as well as user-friendly Safety Designer software for diagnosis.


Secure Network Connectivity

The microScan3 connectivity via a network or I/Os is the first safety laser scanner with EtherCAT FSoE or EtherNet/IP CIP Safety. EtherCAT is an open Industrial-Ethernet solution that sets new standards concerning cost-reduction, real-time performance, and ease of use. 


The microScan3 family. Image courtesy of SICK.


The FSoE was developed by the ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group). This communication protocol helps to provide users with safety-related data transmission alongside standard data on the same network. 

It is a TÜV-certified technology is certified up to the (International Electrotechnical Commission) IEC 61508 SIL3 level and standardized internationally in IEC 61784-3. 


What is FSoE?

The FSoE protocol provides potential users of microScan3 with features including checksums and watchdog timers, which can optimize security and enable error detection. When used with similarly certified hardware, machine builders can benefit by saving some time in getting their overall machine certified concerning functional safety.

With users able to bring control and safety data side by side in a single communication system, the process of expanding the safety system architecture for various applications is made more flexible and straightforward. 

Applications for microScan3 include safety and localization of mobile platforms and mobile robots, protection of multiple hazardous areas at the same time, and more.