Siemens Process Instrumentation Introduces New Sitrans CC240 IoT Gateway

December 15, 2020 by Sara McCaslin

Siemens’ new Sitrans CC240 IoT gateway provides access to additional data from HART-based field instrumentation devices and supports real-time monitoring of multiple assets with Siemens Mindsphere.

The process instrumentation branch of Siemens officially announced the Sitrans Cloud Computing 240 gateway. This gateway integrates HART-based field devices, Mindsphere, and stores IQ to provide solutions to process and asset monitoring challenges. 


How the Sitrans CC240 Gateway Works

The Sitrans CC240 gateway provides a second data channel that makes available previously hidden field-level data from HART-based devices and transmits that data independent of the control system. 


The Sitrans Cloud Connect 240 gateway allows data to be transmitted from HART-based field devices independently of the control system using a second channel. Image courtesy of Siemens.


This allows it to achieve a direct connection between the field device and the cloud or IT system. The data is then made available through the Siemens MindSphere IoT-as-a-Service solution or an OPC UA server and stored using store IQ. 

From there, users can leverage data by apps and software to provide reports, data visualization, process control information, and even alerts and notifications related to process monitoring.


Benefits of the Sitrans CC240 Gateway

The Sitrans CC240 gateway facilitates data, including basic process values and critical parameters related to configuration, diagnostics, and identification. This supports the monitoring of additional measurements such as humidity, pressure, temperature, or binary inputs. Users can then access that data via a web server or funnel it into applications that can send out alerts, perform analysis, generate reports, or develop visualizations of the data.


The Sitrans CC240 gateway includes an on-board web server and can integrate into existing systems. Image courtesy of Siemens.


There are various ways users can take advantage of the capabilities of the Sitrans CC240. It can be combined with Sitrans store IQ app, which allows data and information to be stored and integrated to provide an overview of assets, processes, and material levels. 

The type of data collected and what is done with it can be configured to meet the user’s needs.


Key Features of the Sitrans CC240 Gateway

For process industries and plants, the Sitrans CC240 promises to be a gamechanger. The gateway is designed to support efficient monitoring of field devices and monitor configuration and diagnostics following NOA (NAMUR Open Architecture). This provides a harmonized data model. 

NOA provides a strong degree of standardization and allows users to create digital applications for on and off-premise environments. 

The CC240 gateway connects to IT and OT systems via OPC UA connection that allows the field device values to be directly transmitted to IT or automation systems. 

Up to 64 Hart devices can be connected using the Sitrans CC240 gateway. It connects to MindSphere via MindConnect Library or MindConnect IOT Extensions and includes an on-board web server for monitoring and configuration. Multiple Sitrans CC240 gateways can connect to Mindsphere to support monitoring assets that may be distributed globally. 

The Sitrans CC240 Gateway is suitable for use with both Brownfield and Greenfield installations and works with Hart devices Version 5 or later.

The Siemens Sitrans CC240 IoT gateway is currently available for purchase. The gateway is geared towards engineers in the process industry. It provides more data from field instrumentation and facilitates its transformation into information needed for monitoring and critical decision making.