TE Connectivity Launches New Connector Designed to Work with Robots and UAVs

November 03, 2021 by Gunner Scott

Born from the need for solderless electrical connections, TE Connectivity has developed a variety of connectors from antennas, sensors to cable assemblies, fiber optics, and wiring.

Discover the key features, abilities, and applications of TE Connectivity’s new UMP (Unmanned Power) connector.


TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity is an American Swiss technology company that offers a portfolio of rugged connectors and associated products. They produce products touted for their ability to withstand harsh environments. TE focuses on three primary business segments.

  • Industry: TE heavily focuses on creating products that connect and distribute power, signals, and data, that are used in medical, aerospace, defense, and energy devices.
  • Transportation: TE Connectivity products can be found in automobiles, construction and agricultural vehicles, locomotives, and aviation vehicles. Applications include sensors for driver information, safety and security systems, battery technologies, and body/chassis systems. 


TE Connectivity offers solutions to a myriad of industries. They have recently released rugged style products for lightweight aerial applications and designed and launched a new connector tailored for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)


UMP Connector

TE’s new UMP connector provides a solution for common problems in the UAV industry. 


TE Connectivity’s new small form factor, high power 80 amp rated UMP connector. Image used courtesy of TE Connectivity


Electrical connectors can face issues with mixed-signal variations and amp rating, usually picking one or the other. This can hinder engineers from developing streamlined power and signal designs.

The UMP connector aims to solve this issue by providing 80 amps per contact (power pins) and four amps per contact (signal pins) in conjunction with power or mixed signaling capabilities. 

The connector is encased in a high-temperature rated plastic assembly to protect the unit from extreme environments. It’s also outfitted with contact position locks to secure the housing during high and frequent vibration events. Crimp contacts offer higher reliability than a soldered connection, and an optional latch can be used as an additional securing fixture when desired.


Flexible for Various Industrial Applications

Users can modify the connector to fit any specific application. The family of UMP connectors includes multiple power options. There are two and three-position (contact points) options paired with power and mixed-signal options. 


TE Connectivity’s new UMP connector. Image used courtesy of TE Connectivity


They come with a crimp pigtail assembly with flexible silicone wires and have a smaller bulkhead mount than competitors’ products. Smaller bulkheads are lighter and can reduce the size of power cases on drones, robots, and communication devices. 

TE designed the UMP connector to provide solutions to problems for business sectors that require high power in a small form factor with a reliable contact. The UMP connectors can be sealed in a wire-to-wire format to secure connectivity in sensitive designs if additional environmental protection is required.  

Engineers in the UAV, robotics, ground defense, and factory automation industries can incorporate TE’s UMP connector for a reliable contact interface that safely and reliably delivers power and signal.