We Want to Connect Job Seeking Engineers with New Opportunities

February 28, 2023 by David Peterson

As layoffs cause disruption in our industry, Control Automation wants to help connect out-of-work engineers with interesting new job prospects.

It’s been distressing to see this recent flood of layoffs hitting this electronics industry that we love. That got the Control Automation team thinking: “What can we do to help?”



Our motto at EETech is “Helping Engineers Engineer the Future.” But that future is difficult to achieve when so many quality engineers are out of work, especially while so many great companies are having a hard time finding top engineering talent.

With all that in mind, we’d like to help make some connections. Let’s be clear: We don’t expect to compete with the big job recruitment sites. That said, our worldwide Control Automation audience makes us a great matchmaker between the companies creating amazing new electronics products and the gifted engineers that love working on exciting technology. 


For Companies

So, if you are a company with an important and exciting control or automation engineering job that you would like to fill today, we are going to ask you to answer a few short questions:

  • Job title

  • Company name

  • Why is this job awesome? 

  • Who is your ideal candidate?

  • Where is the job located?

  • Where can candidates apply?

No cost. No gimmicks. Just a chance for us to give back to our engineering community. We plan to hand-select the best jobs to post in a regular article and outreach to our Control Automation audience.

If you are ready to submit your job opening for consideration, please go fill out this short Google form. Because we want to cast a broad reach, we’re limiting it to one job posting per company per month.


For Job Hunters

We know you already enjoy reading Control Automation’s top-notch articles every day. But keep a special eye out for our upcoming “Career Control” posts highlighting these awesome available jobs, where you can be “in Control of your own Career.”