TopWorx Magnetic Target Switch from Emerson Released for Position Sensing Applications

February 23, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

Industrial electronics giant Emerson released a new magnetic target switch (MTS) for position sensing.

The TopWorx MTS is designed to enable the easy installation of universally-certified position sensing for both explosion-proof and intrinsically safe applications. The new switch is the latest addition to Emerson's portfolio of position-sensing products, joining the TopWorx GO switches.


TopWorx GO Switches: An Overview

Founded in 1950, TopWorx was a firm specializing in discrete valve control switch position sensing for the process industries. Emerson acquired the company in 2008 and has since complemented Emerson's valve and instrument businesses.

The GO switch family is one of the fruits of the acquisition and was developed to outperform the limits of conventional limit switches and proximity sensors for deployment focused in harsh environments.



For example, all the devices in the series feature proximity triggering with ferrous metal and magnetic targets, avoiding exposed moving parts, eliminating broken or bent lever arms, poor mechanical alignment, and poor repeatability.

The TopWorx GO switches offer extended sensing using target magnets, thus bypassing the need for extra, different devices to obtain extended sensing. They are also immune to electrical noise, weld fields, and radio frequency interference, and consume no power to operate.

Furthermore, the components can be wired AC or DC, N/O or N/C, in series or parallel, and all of them feature all-metal housings with contacts potted and sealed from the environment.

The TopWorx GO switches offer multiple wiring options, such as lead wires, cables, and quick disconnects. They are certified to follow numerous hazardous area standards, including Zone 0, 1, 2 and Class 1 & 2, Div 1 & 2.

TopWorx MTS: Specifications and Applications

The TopWorx MTS is built using the same standards as the other TopWorx switches and sensors but specifically intended for hazardous locations requiring explosion-proof and intrinsically safe applications.


Emerson TopWorx Magnetic Target Switch (MTS)

The TopWorx MTS. Image used courtesy of Emerson.


Building on the GO family’s success, the new MTS series features various certifications, including IECEx, ATEX, UL, and CSA. The device is a magnetic, target-actuated, barrel-style switch designed for a number of applications, from standard industrial to heavy-duty.

The TopWorx MTS comes in three separate area classifications: general-purpose, intrinsically safe, and explosion-proof.


Designed for Industrial Applications

The switch’s 316L stainless-steel design can resist corrosion, enabling the device to be used in a variety of industrial environments. These range from oil and gas, chemical, industrial energy, and on-site utilities, to mining, minerals and metals, power generation, pulp and paper, and waste and wastewater.

Emerson has not yet announced an official release date for the new magnetic target switches. However, the company encourages anyone interested in checking out the TopWorx GO products to get in touch with them for additional information about the TopWorx MTS switches.

What type of hazardous environments would you use these switches for?