Module Converts Existing AC/DC Power Converters Into UPS System

February 05, 2023 by Damond Goodwin

Uninterruptible power supplies are beneficial in applications where a consistent power supply protects and operates sensitive electrical equipment. Traco’s latest TIB-240BCMU module can turn a normal AC/DC power supply into an operable UPS system.

The new TIB-240BCMU series of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), designed and manufactured by Traco Power, convert existing AC/DC power supplies into a fully-operable UPS system.   


A UPS keeps voltages constant within control panels when there are fluctuations from the main power source.

A UPS keeps voltages constant when there are fluctuations from the main power source. Image used courtesy of Canva


What is an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

UPS is a device commonly found in many different applications in the industrial plant. They are used in everything from control panels for automated systems to AGVs and AMRs. UPSs are used in most power protection circuits available in control panels. They are used to keep voltages constant within the panel when there are fluctuations from the main power source. They can also be used to create a continuous voltage whenever the main power source fails from a backup battery system. 

UPS systems are capable of real-time monitoring and can monitor both the supplied power and the backup power supply. This helps manufacturers with preventative maintenance and power monitoring through remote monitoring capabilities. Remote monitoring also increases the overall reliability of a control system.

One of the most useful tasks a UPS performs is power supply after a loss of supplied power from the main power supply. This allows PLCs and other control equipment to keep data recently acquired. In the case of AMRs and AGVs, the UPS allows the mobile unit to keep a record of the current location so the system doesn’t have to recalibrate after normal power comes back online.

Belt systems and other equipment requiring location information can also benefit from using a UPS. This is because they keep the system powered until the problem is fixed, saving valuable data about the system's status.


Traco Power TIB-240BCMU Series uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

The TIB-240BCMU module converts existing AC/DC power supplies into a fully-operable UPS system. Image used courtesy Traco Power


TIB-240BCMU 240 Watt UPS Module

Traco Power's TIB-240BCMU module can turn an AC/DC power converter into a complete UPS system. It includes a battery monitoring system that ensures backup battery assemblies are fully charged if supplied power is interrupted. 

To alert the plant in the case of a rare battery failure, the UPS monitors battery health through occasional impedance measurements. In the case of a battery disconnection or failure, the device can warn the user of failure. In addition, the UPS can keep a constant voltage to the control cabinet in the case of a power failure through a DC/DC power conversion. DC/DC efficiency is 96% during the battery backup stage of operation and 98% when operating under passthrough conditions.  

The physical makeup of the TIB-240BCMU includes a robust metal enclosure with DIN-rail mounting options. The device helps to protect sensitive control equipment by blocking abnormalities created by overload, reverse polarity, and short circuits. An Internal EN 55011 class B EMI Filter is standard to help protect other sensitive equipment from radiation caused by electrical components within the control cabinet.


Supplying Power

Uninterruptible power supplies protect sensitive electrical equipment in control cabinets, conveyor systems, AGVs, and AMRs, among other applications by keeping voltage constant, helping to protect against surges and other discrepancies, and keep valuable data from being lost. Traco Power's newest module aims to be a first choice in these demanding applications.