Wasp Releases New Concrete Printer For Industrial Applications

May 29, 2020 by Ben Stepanian

3D printing company, Wasp, released one of a kind, new concrete 3D printer for industrial applications.

Wasp, an Italian company that produces high-end 3D printers for industrial and architectural applications unveils a new model for concrete mortar extrusion. With experience in industrial printing with polymer/plastic, clay pottery, and massive mortar printers for structures, Wasp created the Delta Wasp 3MT for printing smaller items out of the concrete mortar.

Wasp also produces a new cost-effective replacement for regular concrete called Gaia. Gaia, is a natural mortar consisting of rice waste from processing, and earth mixed together to form a paste.    

This is the ultimate new masonry, construction, and industrial tool available today. Wasp claims that the precision, accuracy, and repeatability of the 3MT proves that it can produce robust and complex geometric objects at an efficient rate. The new 3MT replaces the time it takes for a concrete mold to be constructed to make the actual feature itself. Stairs, columns, or even concrete blocks can be produced at a fraction of the time and price of previous methods. 

Custom features for a front stairway to your home is as simple as drawing it on CAD. Not only does Wasp manufacture state of the art printers, but they also advocate sustainable lifestyles and building operations by utilizing recycled material like rice or straw into the mortar they use for cost-effective, and reliable additive manufactured structures.

The Delta Wasp 3MT

The Delta Wasp 3MT concrete printer has a capable build volume up to 1000mm(39.37in) in diameter and up to 1000mm in height. Using materials such as clay, porcelain, and of course concrete, the printer is capable of printing at speeds of up to 200 mm/s with an acceleration of up to 150mm/s². 


Delta Wasp 3MT

The Delta Wasp 3MT concrete printer in action. Image used courtesy of Wasp


Depending on the size of your build, the printer comes with two adjustable nozzle sizes. For smaller/finer prints, the 3MT comes with the XL extruder with a 4-8mm nozzle. For larger prints, the XXL extruder, with an 8-30mm nozzle can be purchased separately. Unlike printers used for polymers, the 3MT does not have a heated bed and only has to achieve an extruder temperature of up to 30℃.

 This 350kg machine displaces a volume of 215cm x 235cm x 305cm. The frame of the 3MT is constructed of steel with aluminum covers. The driven components of the machine consist of stepper motors that drive steel core belts. The extruder is suspended on a three-link system that moves on precise aluminum rail sliders on nylon wheels. The 3MT is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Like other printers, it accepts files such as .stl, .obj, and g-code. The 3MT includes a Simplify3D software license upon purchase.


New 3D Printer With Wireless Control and Touchscreen Interface

The printer is powered by a 220/240v 50/60 Hz circuit and features a new wireless control module to talk to the 32-bit board controlling the printer so the operator can check on prints via webcam and can control the machine from any device while out on lunch. 

The machine features a touchscreen interface built-in, to control it directly as well and also can receive g-code through pendrive USB. Since the material is concrete, there isn't a spool of material to feed the machine. A 2200w motor pump drawing from an 80L capacity tank capable of feeding material at 250L/h while providing a sensor regulated flow into the screw-driven extruder. The inlet of the extruder achieves a maximum pressure of 35 bar. 


The Delta Wasp 3MT concrete printer in action. Image used courtesy of Wasp


The machine has a “resurrection” feature in case of any unexpected power outages or if the print needs to be paused and resumed for later.  The 3MT also features a “free Z” system which allows the print to be resumed in any layer such that the print fails, or does not come out to spec. 


Industry 4.0 Compatability

The Delta Wasp 3MT is CE certified and is compatible with industry 4.0 incentives. 3D printers can be loud, the 3MT features acoustic insulation paneling to reduce any unnecessary sound. For ease of industry integration, The delta Wasp 3MT can be moved by a forklift with ease.

Since this is an industrial tool, these things don’t come a dime-a-dozen. Starting at 54.850€ ($60,058 USD), the customer receives the delta Wasp 3MT concrete printer, the XXL and XXL extruders, the 80-liter mortar pump, 5 meters of tubing, plastic nozzles, and the MDF/Pallet print bed. Wasp also offers remote diagnostics and assistance with the purchase of one of their printers. The printer is shipped and arrives disassembled and can be delivered within 10 weeks upon purchase. 

Be sure to visit their website for more information about this printer as well as their other products, such as the crane wasp printer for architectural builds and their development in 3d printed art, communities, mortars, and more.