WENZEL Aims to Provide Enhanced Traceability Through Optical Gear Measuring Technology

August 11, 2021 by Sara McCaslin

The new WENZEL GT gear testers use both tactile and optical metrology tools to provide more traceable measurements for a wide range of gear sizes and types.

Gear measurement looks at various dimensions and geometric profiles related to gear to determine if they are within acceptable tolerances.


The Importance of Gear Measuring

Accurate, precise gearing is critical to control operations, which is why the measurement of factors such as the thickness of gear blanks and dimensions of teeth and splines are so critical to gear manufacturing. In fact, some sectors (such as aerospace) have standards in place for gears.

Gears that do not meet the right specifications and tolerances can have a negative impact on performance, lead to excessive vibration and noise, and result in catastrophic equipment failure. Systems dependent on gears may exhibit jerky or sudden movement, which can be a major issue when precise, accurate movement is critical. Due to these factors, there is significant demand for gear measuring machines that offer precision, durability, and ergonomics.


WENZEL GT Gear Measuring Machines

WENZEL announced their new line of GT gear measurement machines that combine both optical and tactile for ensuring that gears are within tolerance as it pertains to critical dimensions and geometry.

The WENZEL GT gear measuring machines are designed for gears and rotationally symmetrical components (such as toothed workpieces and shafts). High precision is made possible through air bearings, high-resolution scales, optional damping, and baseplates, and linear axes guides made from granite.


WENZEL's latest line of gear measurement machines. Image used courtesy of WENZEL


These gear testing machines are also designed for durability by using granite bases and high-quality components and protecting axes against problematic oil and dust. A simple operator interface, a compact footprint, and intuitive software make these machines ergonomic and easy to use.

The Wenzel GT gear measuring machine series can measure standard quality parameters for gears and tooth flank modifications. These machines can also provide lead, profile, and runout inspection along with absolute measurement of the following at up to three different tooth positions:

  • Tip circle diameter
  • Root circle diameter
  • Dimension over one ball
  • Dimension over two balls
  • Dimension over one roll
  • Dimension over two rolls
  • Tooth span width
  • Tooth thickness


Note that the WENZEL GT series can handle a wide range of gear sizes, including small gears and those with diameters of up to 1,200 mm using a counter holder (and up to 1,600 mm for flat pieces that do not require a counter holder).

The WENZEL GT gear testers can accurately measure many different types and sizes of gears.  Image used courtesy of WENZEL


Among the key features of the WENZEL GT product series is the combination of tactile and optical sensor technology. In addition, this product series uses a new software developed by Wenzel and works with the standard WPC controller.



Industries such as agriculture, energy, material handling, automotive, aerospace, transportation, marine, and plant engineering all depend heavily on reliable, precision gears--and the WENZEL GT product line has been developed with such industries in mind.

For example, consider wind turbine gearboxes where a tiny crack at the root of a gear tooth can quickly lead to an expensive failure with costly downtime, all of which can be minimized with inspection tools available on the WENZEL GT products. 

Gears for many industrial and plant applications require high precision gears of varying sizes, which these machines also support. Automotive applications depend on high-precision gears made to tight tolerances to reduce energy requirements and decrease noise levels. Gears are a mainstay of so many different types of equipment, processes, and devices. As the tolerance and quality requirements for gears become more demanding, the need for highly accurate, versatile gear testers such as the WENZEL GT series has also grown.