Dr. Don Wilcher

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Dr. Don Wilcher is an Electrical Engineer, Engineering-Technical Education Educator, Electronics book author, and Embedded Systems lecturer. He has worked on plant industrial robotics, industrial control systems, and designed automotive interior electronic systems and consumer appliances when employed at General Motors, Chrysler Corporation, Usui International Corporation, and Sumitomo Wiring Systems since 1986. While employed at Hunter Fan, Dr. Don Wilcher researched and developed LED light fixtures and wireless motor controls as well as an electronics control unit to reduce 300 watts of lighting power to 180 watts without a noticeable drop in illumination. He has authored six books on subjects ranging from Lego Mindstorms Mechatronics to learning electronics with the Arduino Uno. He has written blog posts for All About Circuits, MakerPro, and Design News. Currently, he is writing a Packt project book on developing controllers and wearable devices for the ESP32-based M5Stack Core platform.