10V analog to PWM digital converter


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I need a circuit or module to convert an analog
+/- 10V signal from a motion controller to interface with a servo amp that requires PWM input signal
Check out koyo plcs at Automationdirect.com there 205 series has a pulse output on there high speed counter cards. You could spend a reasonable amount of money and time to accomplish what you need.
You could use
MC68HC705B5 made by motorola with 8 bit PWM
TL494N from Texas instruments
or you could use PIC processor and write your own in assembler.
You need a A/D convertor a pic processor and a transistor.
The signal from the A/D decides the resolution and the clock frequency to the pic the PWM max frequency.
You might try to use voltage/frequency converter from various vendors if the PWM module not provide analog reference input.

Michael Robbins

I think I have exactly what you're looking for. I once built a PIC-based embedded control system that converted four analog inputs into four PWM outputs. The one I built had 0-10V analog inputs, and 12V 50Hz PWM outputs, but these parameters can be changed to meet your specific requirements. I have the source code and all the design documentation. Let me know if you're interested: [email protected]
Using an Allen Bradley Micrologix 1500 and analog input card will do the trick. This unit has 2 20khz PWM or PTO outputs with programmable ramps position and direction outputs.