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David Kane

I am working on a mobile application where my available power is +12 VDC. 16 Inputs & 12 Outputs Can anyone suggest a 12VDC PLC? or Is there a "Mobile/Industrial" grade DC to DC convertor to get to +24 VDC?

An obvious consideration is +12VDC to 110VAC convertor to +24VDC for inputs and PLC power, but still use 12 volt outputs.

Thank you in advance for your Assistance!! :)

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Kevin Hammond


Take a look at automationdirect.com. I have used their DL205 series in mobile applications (railroad maintenance equipment) with much success. They have a 10.2-28.8VDC model, and since this is a modular plc, you can configure the I/O to suit your needs. Their prices are quite reasonable too.

As an alternative, if you want another brand of PLC that is only available in 24v, check out Vicor. They make industrial/military spec dc-dc converters. I have used their 12v-24v converter, and have never had a failure. The part number I am using is VI-M03-IV. This is an industrial grade 12vdc-24vdc 150w converter rated for -40 degC to 85 degC. I think I paid around $475 and had to wait 6 weeks, but it is a good product. The price and lead time are better for commercial grade.

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Pierre R. Hinse CET

We use Calex dc-dc converters. you can find them at: http://www.calex.com. They don't make a 12v to 24v inverter, but if you use a 12v to +-12v inverter, and connect to the +12 terminal for 24V and ground the -12V terminal, you get the 24vdc. The model number is :12D12.850NT

Have Fun!
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Al Pawlowski

The RUG9 from Rugid Computer (www.rugidcomputer.com) runs on 12Vdc,
or ac, supports Modbus, comes with drag n' drop Windows programming software and would cost is about $2500 for your configuration. I have used their units in the past and found them very nice.
Use a couple of EnT Controllers from www.amt.nb.ca
They're about $400 each run on anything from 9 to 30 volts AC or DC. Supplied as a board product for mounting in the customer's enclosure, each board has 8 inputs (digital or resistive analog) and 8 outputs (relay and/or transistor)
Processor is either BS2 or BS2sx depending on your program needs. Easy to use Language is high level, simplified PBasic. Software downloaded from web.
I've used over 300 in the last year on oil delivery trucks, tree harvesters and truck scales. Tough as nails and no-one can steal your program.
Idec Micro-1 is available for 12vdc.

Basic PLC is 8 in/6 out but expansion modules are available

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Motorola's MOSCAD RTUs can be made to operate off of a 12VDC source. Just add the IO components you need, and add a little ladder code. We use them in
many applications where 48/24/12 VDC is available.

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Try the SCADAPack PLCs from Controls Microsystems, Inc. They have various AC/DC pwr input configurations. We use them with 16V AC input but they can be used with a 12VDC source. They have 16DIs, 12 DOs and 8AIs. We have had very good luck with the units.

Try them at http://www.cmscada.com/


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look how difficult it is for people to even get a 12v plc. Over the last week this guy got not more than 4-5 different suggestions, and they're all expensive. All it costs us is the Powertrends switcher power supply ic we buy for $9 and it does 9-38v no problem.
This may be too obvious, but what is wrong with 2 12 volt deep cycle marine batteries hooked up in series? As for charging, many farmers use a solar panel system for electrified fences.