1734-IE8C Major Channel Fault


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Need help troubleshooting 1734-IE8C input module. All channels show solid red so I replaced the module and had the same results. Any and all help would be appreciated.

<b>Moderator's Note:</b> 1734-IE8C is manufactured by Allen-Bradley

Bob Peterson

Blinking red on the channel indicator usually means out of range. no idea what solid red means and the AB literature is not especially helpful other than suggesting it is a more serious error.

Knowledge base article 493193 suggests:

A solid red LED condition on these modules is caused by having no field power applied to the POINT I/O bus.

When using a 1769-L16 or 1768-L18 controller with these POINT I/O modules, make sure that FP+ and FP- pins on the controller have 24VDC applied to them.

If using the modules with a 1734-PDN adapter verify the V and C terminals of the adapter are receiving 24VDC as well.