1761-Net-AIC Adapter


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Hi guys I was just wondering if someone might
be able to help me. PLEASE!!!. I'm not that familiar with the DH485 network but I am having endless trouble trying to connect to an SLC 5/01 (directly) from my PC using the PIC box. I have wasted two days on it already.

The way the system is configured at the moment is that an SLC 5/01 is communicating with a PV300 micro via a 1761-Net-AIC adapter. The PLC is on Port 3 of the AIC and the HMI is on Port 2.

Anyway, My question to you is could I connect to the PLC if I try connecting my DF1 cable to the serial port (port 1) on the AIC adapter? If so, what driver should I use in RSlinx? Similarly, could I porgram the Panelview via the AIC? Thanks in advance, Rob