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Hi there,

Does anyone know of a 1920x1080 industrial touchscreen?

At the plant where I work there is a Factorytalk server with screens designed for 1920x1080. There are also a few Allen Bradley 'computer integrated touchscreens' for remote access but their aspect ratio is 4:3 (not sure max res). So they will not work properly as clients to the server.

Any help is much appreciated.

Does it have to be industrial or might you be able to use an office grade one and just consider it consumable? You can get one in the mid 20" range with touchscreen for $200-300.
Allen Bradley cannot even figure out how to implement structured text or function block diagrams it's PLC logic engines. Implementing a GUI that supports multiple aspect ratios on touchscreens is a moon-shot away from anything AB has a handle on.
My favorite touchscreen is Elo. I am not sure if they have that
resolution screen or not. Check them out.

David Ferguson

And this statement is based on what ?

I have used both structured text and function blocks to control numerous processes with no issues in Controllogix, but then again I read the manual.

Dave Ferguson
Control Systems Engineer