2 pumps controlled by one float switch


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michael tomash

two reservior sump pumps are controlled by a selector switch and one float switch.The pumps will operate alternately. The first time pumping
is required, pump 1 will run.The second time pumping is required, pump 2 will run. Add a status light for each pump. The light for the particular pump motor is to be on steady wile the pump is running and flashif an overload occurs. When the light flashes it should be on for 1.45sec and off for .35 seconds. Use a TON timer. Add a plc timer to the float switch to prevent toggling caused by wave action in the reservoir. If the 1st pump to start during any pumping cycle can't get the level down in 10 min, start the other pump. Both pumps run until the level becomes low again.

We are using a 12 DC SNK IN,8 RLY OUT Allen Bradley (part number 1747-L C/F ???).an older one.

also give a rung description and addressed I/O.

I would really appreciate some help with this project but if you feel like not helping me, thanks for your time. I have to hand this in by
December 13.


we are using

Chris Copland

Hello Michael:

E-mail me what you have worked out thus far on your project, and I will be happy to review it and offer suggestions and answer any
questions, to aid you in this project.

But .... I am not prepared to do your assignments for you.

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To control 2 pump motors by one float switch utilizing electro-mechanical control, you need Square D, alternating relay, PHA or Omron, ratchet relay, G4Q. The contacts from these relays are to be used in the control circuit of the starters that are controlling the pump motors.These relays are used to alternate the use of 2 motor circuits and adding one more float switch for DUPLEX applications( both motors will switch ON).