220VAC single phase motor direction change?


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How do I change the direction of a 220VAC single phase motor. Can I do it or do I need a special motor and controller card. I think I have to change the poles but how do I do that? My motor only have a live, neutral and earth going to it. Is it possible to do with relays like with a DC motor?
This cannot be done with relays like a DC Motor.

The only way that this can be done with a single phase motor is if the windings (ie start, run) are brought out to the external connections. Your motor does not sound like it has this option. This is more common in multi-voltage motors (120, 208 240 VAC).

Your best bet might be to look for a motor with the windings available to the electrician to change them them to get the required rotation.

Hope this helps.
Sam... I suggest you search the Control List's Archives. There are a few topics on reversing direction of single-phase motors.

If the search proves inadequate to suit your needs, then contact me!

BTW, the answer to your question about using relay's is... yes, but there are some caveats!

Regards, Phil Corso (Cepsicon [at] aol [sdot] com)