416NMH21200 PCMCIA card with Win2k


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Phil Howard

It seems that drivers for these old units finished when Win95 came out. Has anyone developed a driver to make it work with Windows 2000? I can't seem to get to to work with anything since reformatting my laptop with Windows 2000. Until then, I'll still be programming 785's with Modbus!
No. The only cards supported from Windows 2000 forward will be the Plug & Play ones (PCMCIA Type 3 416NHM21234 and PCI 416NHM30030).
I would consider buying a Modbus Plus to ethernet bridge. Then you can program all of the PLCs on a Modbus Plus network from any PC with an ethernet connection, and it will be much faster.

Modicon part number 172CEV20030.

Otherwise you need to upgrade to the Type 3 Plug & Play PCMCIA. Modicon part number 416NHM30030 or 416NHM30032 for dual port.