5 way manifold MVT


I have a question regarding the 5 way manifold.

In my application, a multivariable transmitter will be installed on the 5-way manifold which will be mounted into a flow meter.

Liquid samples will be taken from the 5-way manifold drain point regularly and I would to know if there will be a risk that the multivariable transmitter could be damaged due to process fluid going into the multivariable transmitter while collecting samples through the drain port ?

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Presumably the multivariable/DP transmitter has materials of construction suitable for contact with either a liquid or a gas process. And presumably the multivariable/DP transmitter has a pressure rating to allow it to survive the DP it encounters in the process.

But, on a steam line, by draining the impulse line(s) and allowing live steam to flow past the sensing port(s), the sensing port would very likely be damaged by overheating by the steam. Isolation of the sensing port(s) from live steam needs to be maintained with a column of condensate in the impulse lines.

There are also hazards to personnel related to taking samples or releasing process pressure.
Thanks for your feedback i also had a concern about the possibility to have over the time some liquid on the diaphragm of the transmitter