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Quentin Ginever

Has anybody had experience in using Allen-Bradley 6200 PLC-5 or PLC-5/250 software to program online over ethernet using Windows 95 and/or NT?

I know that as it is DOS-based software, it requires DOS-based TCP/IP software to run (PC/TCP kernel by NetManage). However, this PC/TCP
software is 16-bit and won't run under 95/NT.

We are in the same situation. It is possible to run in a DOS window ( apparently ), but we have had no success yet. We can't even upgrade our system to RSLogix Software, as 5/250's aren't supported. So if anyone does know an answer could you let me know also please.


Peter Clemmett

6200 can connect via RSLinks - Option under online config (F2).
Or convert 6200 to RSLogix - not for 5/250

Larry Lawver


I let this one go for a while, hoping someone would give you a positive answer of some sort, but the silence since you posted indicates that very few people have looked at your issues.

I can tell you that I have tried all of the workarounds, and I have never seen useful performance of any of the 6200 products under 32-bit operating systems. They are DOS products down to their atoms, using every trick of the early nineties to directly access physical PC resources, including extended memory. In general, modern operating systems don't allow that
kind of action, although the operating system may try to fool an application into thinking it got the resource it wanted.

I have counseled many clients that didn't want to move their entire baseline to keep a DOS 6 machine (or a DOS 6 boot option) around for the
rare times when 6200 needs to be invoked on a mature system. You can't move just part of the baseline.

If you want to modernize your entire system, Rockwell Automation has some attractive migration and upgrade promotions at www.ab.com.

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida
You can use RSLinx, but the performance is lousy.

AI-5 and AI-5/250 (the old Icom products) work with RSLinx and the Microsoft TCP/IP stack, and the current versions are supported in 95/98/NT, but not Win2K.

Yes I have used 6200 software to program A-B Processors PLC-5/20e, PLC-5/40e over a three ring fiber optic Ethernet link.