ABB Inverter(slave) + MAX485 + Arduino(master) : 0xE0 (ModbusMaster invalid response slave ID exception)

What happens if you keep your RS-485 wires (you are using 3 wires, right?) disconnected from either the inverter or the RS-485 module, power up all equipment, then connect the RS-485 wires?
NO data comes up , in order to work everything should be wired and connected [ esp32 <---> RS-485 module <---> Inverter ] and esp32 and RS-485 module are ON , Then restart the inverter ---> Works !
Thank you for the explanation. But if you are still powering the RS-485 module from 3.3V instead of the required 5V, then you are using the RS-485 module outside of its specified operating conditions, and therefore, unexpected behavior may occur. I'm not saying this will necessarily solve the issue you're having, but until this is corrected, all other tests are invalid and their results cannot be trusted until you are operating the RS-485 module within its specified range.

If the issue is due to a firmware bug or other problem with the inverter, maybe the manufacturer has a solution. Have you tried contacting the inverter manufacturer regarding this issue?