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A database corrupted while we were working. We tried to repair it but it didn't recognised it as an mdb file. What can we do about it?

Diana C Bouchard

Check out They bill themselves as "the web source of data recovery software for corrupted Microsoft Office files." Each software tool comes in a free downloadable demo version and a commercial version (the latter presumably with more capabilities). I've
never used any of their software myself, but you might as well give it a try, the price is right :).

Diana Bouchard

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Hullsiek, William

Don't use access !! This is a common problem and why we use sql-server on a dedicated database server.

- Bill Hullsiek
I've been down this road more than I can stand to tell! But I have found away that works not everytime but most of the time!!!!!

"Make a New *.mdb file and import your tables, forms and mods .... so on & so on into the new database."

Sounds simple it is but it has saved my neck more than once

Rajesh Mehta

Dear Bill,

I more than 100% agree with you and would like to see what Microsoft uses for its database? I am ready to bet it will not be Access. Access was not designed to be used in real time environment.

We did use it in one project for real time application but in the next one opted for alternative databases due to corruption issues like this. In fact, it was not even used for data gathering but for just engineering, changes both offline and online.


Sacha Attinger

If you are using *.mdb DB you will get used to that. It happens on a very regular basis. Have fun. ;-)

The only way of using mdb's savely is to backup them as often as you can! If the DB is so corrupted that it is not recognised. It is very likly that you can not use it any more anyway.

Sorry i could not help you but its better not to use Access for serious things. It more like a toy than a tool.

- Sacha Attinger