Accessing tags in Realflex database


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Juan de Arajo

How can I make a c program to access values of tags in a Realflex database ?

Juan de Arajo
Eletrix Automao - Brazil
Hi, Juan,

You must to get the ScanKit Development Tool Kit for RealFlex package. It consists of sets of library routines which provides the interface to RealFlex database and other RealFlex resources. The ScanKit is delivered with the C-source example of generic scanner that works directly with RealFlex database.
Be notice that BJ Software Systems Ltd., the RealFlex development company, is now acquired by Datac-Control Inc. ( that sells now the ScanKit Development Tool.
Feel free to get in touch with me if you will have some questions of developing RealFlex application programms or C-source examples how to do or not to do something with ScanKit Tool.

Best regards !

Andrew I. Ronjine,
ABM-GAZ Ltd., Russia.
[email protected]
RealFlex - the company sells a development kit that provides for QNX/'c' program access to their database. They also have several packages that allow access from other Windows programs.
Hi Juan !

You could use a pack called IO DRIVER KIT. This software kit, brings the C libraries, to call during the program implementation.

If you are Brazilian,(or not !) call me at
the phone number 0516849500 (Rio Grande do Sul) for more information.