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We at RIL have allen bradley SLC5/03 plc in PTA plants. i have to communicate this with ABB DCS using serial port.

when i try to enter data in PCCONFIG it will asked first the port name , second parameter is for manufacturer , i select ALLEN BRADLEY then it asks for model , select AB SLC504 CONTROLLER then asks for station address octal base . when i
try to enter any digit 1 or 10 it gives errors :
So as the port cannot be configured in PCCONFIG i cannot move ahead with the project.

On the PLC side i have SLC5/03 , 1747-AIC,1747-PIC MODULES.


Now what i have to do for establishing the communication with SC CONTROLLER SERIAL PORT and SLC5/03 CONTROLLER OF ALLEN BRADLEY PLC.

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I am not familiar with the ABB product,but I can give a few pointers.

1. Octal numbering is base 8. Make sure you are not trying to use digits 8 or 9. I beleive the default is address 1

2. get rid or the 1747-AIC and the PIC module. This does not give you a RS-232 connection. Instead, go right to the 9 pin connector on the front of the processor. This is defaulted to a DF-1 connection, which is probably what you want.

In your message, you state that you are telling your other app that it is a SLC 5/04. Is there a 5/03 setting? Make sure you use it if so. I do not know if this will have an effect or not.

Hope that helps.

--Joe Jansen

Rajesh Mehta

The best thing to do would be to contact your local ABB guys in Bombay/ Baroda.

They should be able to solve your problem.