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Arthur Tua

Hello everybody

We have a system, which controls fire damper units and fans. The system consist of a Control panel with a number of general purpose controllers and remote fan and damper units which read the status of the fans and damper units as well actuate them. The remote units are relatively simple units with a PIC microcontroller and a few I/Os.

The system was purchased in the UK and is installed at the Hilton Complex in Malta. Between the time that the equipment was purchased and the time that the fire drill and evacuation plan were
ready the company that supplied the equipment went into receivership. Unfortunately this means that we have a system that is not programmed and have no means for programming it. The
programming was part of the original supply and was going to be sent in the form of an EPROM.

As this is a fairly large installation with over 300 installed field units we want to try to retain all the field units and wiring and set
up a control panel using a PLC or PC based control. To do this we need information about the interface and protocol used in the system. The interface/protocol is called Apollo and this allows communications with up to 126 devices over a two wire "loop". Our understanding is that Apollo is a protocol developed for fire system peripherals by a company called Apollo.

We would also consider using any form of controller that supports this interface/protocol.

Any info will help.

Arthur Tua

Barry Grieves


The Apollo protocol is a proprietary single-wire (power and data down same wire) protocol developed by Apollo, who manufacture fire detectors. They are a UK-based company. I am not aware of any interface devices to connect to this protocol, and the protocol is almost certainly covered by patents. Rather than develop a controller based on a PLC, you probably need a replacement fire panel, which is compatible with Apollo detectors. Fire panels need to comply with International standards for fire panels.

Try AMPAC Industries, they make Apollo-compatible panels. They have a UK office, but the head office is in Perth, Western Australia.
Try their web site www.ampac.com.au


Barry Grieves