Applicom I/O-Definition in WizCon 7.6?


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Philipp Rüegg

Hello there!

We are currently testing an Applicom PCI-DPIO board in conjunction with WizCon 7.6 (WizPLC 2.01 respectively). The Applicom configuration seems to be ok, as I can read and write to my I/O modules through Applicom's IO-Diagnostics tool.
However, I seem to be unable to correctly declare the I/Os in WizCon. Whenever I declare a Tag, following Applicom's naming convention (which, if I am correct, is for example 0_4_PB_1.0 for bit 1.0 of device #4 on bus #0), WizCon cannot access the IO. No error displayed, but I just get Asterixes (****) instead of a value.
I would appreciate if anyone could tell me how to correctly define those tags in WizCon / WizPLC or what I could be doing wrong. I won't be around till July 14th, but I hope that you will have many helpful hints ;-)