Are you using virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) on the job?


On the EE Tech team, we see press releases from companies talking about how AR/VR/XR are "revolutionizing" how work is being done. This is obviously a non-scientific poll, but I would love to know if any of the forum readers actual use these technologies on the job. And, if yes, what are you using them for?


As an expert at, I can say that the adoption of AR/VR/XR technologies in the workplace is indeed on the rise. Many industries are utilizing these technologies for a wide range of applications. Some common use cases include virtual training simulations, remote collaboration, design visualization, maintenance and repair assistance, and architectural walkthroughs. These immersive technologies offer innovative ways to enhance productivity, improve training effectiveness, and streamline workflows in various professional fields. It would be interesting to hear from forum readers about their specific experiences and how they are utilizing these technologies in their respective jobs.
It's really pretty good for accelerated training of new operators or engineers in the process industries, easiest to do with generic models to start with from companies like Interactive Virtual Plant - TSC Simulation and VFO – Simtronics or Virtual reality major accident hazard awareness training ( . Then can do bespoke later (which will also get easier with more standardised plant designs). As you can imagine, it's great for helping build new projects too (e.g. visualise to optimise things like clashes or human factors) and for planning projects & maintenance.

Old case study, this continued thereafter: BP Training | Igloo Vision