Aveva System platform - "Show Symbol" Animation Issue


I have a question regarding System Platform. I have put together a test case below to demonstrate the issue that I'm facing.

I'm using System Platform 2020 R2 and the InTouchVIewApp.

I have setup an object instance with the graphics content for the device and a popup faceplate as shown.
Instance Object Content.png

I have added the Show symbol animation to open the faceplate in the center of the desktop when clicked in runtime.
Popup settings.png
The first time when I open the faceplate in the runtime by clicking on the device symbol, it opens in the center as shown.
Popup Open Centre.png
However, once I move the faceplate popup by dragging the title bar and then close the faceplate popup, after that whenever I click on the faceplate it always opens in its last position instead of opening in the center again.
Popup Moved.png
How do I make the faceplate popup to always open in the center of the desktop every time even if I move it?