Bacnet into an HMI Client


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I have a Bacnet procol device which I want to tie into my Wonderware Hmi. First is there an bacnet software server which I can run on my PC which can translate my bacnet info and serve it up DDE to my Wonderware Client? Secondly is there a hardware protocol converter which can convert my bacnet signal to modbus. That way i can run a modbus server on my pc and talk to my bacnet devices. Any ideas???? Thanks in advance.

Steven Landau

I just investigated this. From Sierra Monitor you can get a bacnet-?? anything gateway box. Or there are a few companies selling BACNET opc servers. Search on Google for BACNET OPC and/or BACNET GATEWAY S. Landau SPEC

Eddie Hague - FieldServer

Jim FieldServer Technologies offers a hardware protocol translator that will convert Bacnet to Modbus. We also offer an OPC server that will link our FieldServer to any OPC client. The FieldServer can handle Bacnet RS232 (ptp), Bacnet Ethernet (dedicated or TCP/IP) and Bacnet Arcnet. See Please let me know if I can be of more assistance. Edward Hague Chief Technical Officer FieldServer Technologies 1991 Tarob Ct. Milpitas, CA 95035, USA Phone : 408 262 2299 x 128 Fax : 408 262 9042 Email : [email protected]