BacNet / LonWorks to DeviceNet


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A. Padilla

I need to communicate an HVAC unit having BacNet or LonWorks communications with a ControlLogix PLC having DeviceNet communications.

This is an application where some factory process-related signals controlled by a ControlLogix PLC with a DeviceNet Network have to modify and/or interact with working conditions on a Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Unit having a communications port working with BacNet or LonWorks and need to link both, any suggestion or hint?


Kiel, Larry W


You might want to check with a company called FieldServer Technologies at the web site below. They make a protocol translator bridge that supports a large number of protocols and devices but I'm not sure that DeviceNet is one of them. I took a quick look at one of their cut sheets and they do support AB EtherNet/IP and DF1. You might be able to convert LonWorks to one of the AB protocols they support and then ship that to your ControlLogix PLC.


Richard Theron - FieldServer


FieldServer Technologies will have a LonWorks to DeviceNet protocol converter out by the end of Q1 this year, please have a look at specifically the FS-B3510-01 as this is the product that will have the solution that you want.