barcode scanning using VB6


i read your mail but please tell me what can i do to run it. I have presently two scanners:
1. A flatbed scanner
2. A webcam

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Is there anybody knows to prevent entries (input) from keyboard but data should be taken from Scanner. I want to block all possible entries (keyboard) such as numpad, other numerical keys and cut & paste method from other applications.

Michael van den Berg

I am using a scanner to scroll a flexgrid based on its keypressed event. Now it seems the barcode reader returns the <Enter> key before returning the scanned text, any experience with that?

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Michael van den Berg

I am getting a problem. prob is i want to get data to box text box. how can get this? will u help me? any body give the source code for this in visual basic?

dear all, i want to ask you some question about barcode, i have barcode scanner denso BHT 7500S, how to make program for it?
When you say a normal pc scanner, do you mean a flatbed scanner? If so, how do I do that? Thanks...Rich
I am developing a project which has a barcode facility. I have successfully generated barcodes.

But at the time of scanning it is not working.

I am using ARGOX OS214 Printer for barcode printing.

Barcode Scanner is also of same company.

I am using Code39 method for generating barcode.

At time of scanning it is not doing any work. It is not even showing any error if it is there.

I am developing this project in VB6

Plz help me....

Thank you