Boolean View of Modicon Ladder Logic


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Chance Back

We are working on a major controls upgrade and some of the controls to be replaced are currently on Modicon PLCs. The upgrade will move this all to a Westinghouse Ovation DCS system, which if you're not familiar with uses Boolean as its means of programming discreet control. My question is this, as a time saving method, does anyone know of any software tools that would allow viewing of the ladder logic from the Modicon in a Boolean format? We use both Modsoft and Proworx, so something that would work with either of these platforms would be great. Chance Back MP&W
Modicons' way of scanning networks cannot be converted to boolean. Some things you can program on modicon will have no boolean equvalent. Sugesstion - use Quantum PLCs.
We are using Quantum PLCs now, that is what is being replaced by the new DCS. Chance Back MPW

Anthony Kerstens

There's no way to do it short of sending the printed listing to a text file and writing a program to parse it. And that might be more of a task than simply sitting down and doing it by hand. I'm curious as to why you're replacing your PLC's with a DCS. Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
I too am curious. You can use Concept to program your PLC in boolean function blocks. I quite like it. Rob Faragher Augher Control Systems Inc Phone 1-905-646-6552 FAX 1-905-646-9338 Cell 1-905-327-3020 Email [email protected] Site 1-905-548-7200 ext. 1405 Email [email protected]
Remember when you are converting to boolean that Modicon logic goes top to bottom then left to right in any given network. For example, a coil (output) located left and below a contact with the same address will be affected by the coil state within the same scan. Depending on your application, this may be helpful.