Bulk Gas measurement from oil separators


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Is anybody out there with idea of instruments used in measuring the quantity of gas (Gas volume) produced from an oil separator through the DOF. Kind of a multivariable transmitter that take in consideration; the temperature, differential pressure etc...

You will get Flow (Volume or Mass), DP, Pressure and Temp o/ps (4Nos) while using Honeywell make Smart Multivariable transmitters with MVA Card. Standard and dynamic compensation supports all primary elements. You can view the same in Honeywell 4 channel trend view paperless recorder.


Harry Paris (guest)

There are two highly effective technologies for DIRECT mass flow of gas--thermal-dispersion used when condensate is not present, and Coriolis. I have used both incredibly successfully for the last 20 years ranging from biogas production monitoring to Chlorine gas (0.02 #/hr). FCI (www.FluidComponents.com) is the world's leading thermal-dispersion gas mass flowmeter, and now they also have Coriolis meter technology that has completely thrilled us. We would be pleased to help you, if you like. Good Luck! [email protected]