C++ compiler for Siemens S7-300


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Ganesh Okade

Dear Experts,

Is there a C++ compiler available for an Siemens S7-300 PLC? If yes, could you post a link to the webpage on the Siemens site where I can find more details? Thanks.

Ganesh Okade,
Sunlux Technologies Ltd.

Michael Griffin

If you are trying to produce a product using Siemens hardware but not their software, you might try talking directly to Siemens to see if they will license the bare hardware and development kit to you. They used to offer this for a special S7-200 processor, but I think this product died from lack of interest.

The point of using a Siemens S7-300 PLC is so that you can use their software to program it. If you don't want to write your program in Step-7, there are lots of single board computers (e.g. see PC-104 computers) on the market that you can program with your C++ compiler. You can still talk to Siemens I/O through Profibus.