Cheap PLC needed using a 12VDC power source

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Eric Fischer / Johnson & Johnson

I am trying to locate an inexpensive PLC with the following requirements:

1) Must operate of a 12 VDC power supply
2) At least 2 12VDC digital inputs
3) One hi speed 12VDC counter
4) At least 2 12VDC digital outputs
5) One PWM (pulse width modulated output) 12VDC output

Koyo makes one that is close, but it does not support a counter AND PWM at the same time.

GE Fanuc also makes one but it needs a 24 VDC power supply.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Pierre Hinse CET

Take a look at

They make a module the ADR2100 I think, that would have all the io you need, but you will have to program it using a eprom programmer.


Curt Wuollet

Hi Eric

how about the GE and a DC-DC Converter. You get isolation in the bargain. You could also use a 12 volt Single Board Computer and the Linux PLC, but that would take some development. I'm sure
there's a compatible IO card in PC104 or other format. It'd be fun though.


Curt W.
Frank, I was thinking the same thing, but the 05s are not available with a DC supply. Only the 105s and 205s can operate on 12vDC. Worse yet, I don't
think you can network the 105s as easily as the 05s ;o(

- Eric Nelson
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Eric Fischer / Johnson & Johnson


Thanks for the reply. You are right, the ADR2100 would fit the bill from a hardware standpoint. But I didn't see any local control available on any of their units. Is that what you meant by "you will have to program it using a eprom programmer." If so, I didn't see any reference to local control using an EPROM on their website. Can you expand on this?

Look at the IDEC Micro-1. They have a 12VDC rated unit with 8in/6out expandable to a maximum of 28 I/O points

Tim Vloeberghs

Ge-Fanuc has a 12VDC but I'm not sure which one. You should contact them by phone. If you want I can give you some numbers, just email me.

Telemecanique also has a 12VDC I believe (not sure) it's the 'NANO' It's a lot easier to program (something like a Siemens S7 PLC) and the software is easy copiëd and quite userfriendly, while Ge-Fanuc is under dos, or if you have a license (or crack) also under Windows but I DIDN'T say crack right !

I'll ask my boss about it 'coz he knows more these other types. I'm also looking for the specifications of the LOGO from Siemens but it's all expensive equipment. Better use T en Ge if you're on a tight budget.