Cheap PLC with clock sync.


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Hi all,

I am looking for a cheap PLC with real time clock. I need to sync the clock of the PLC with an internet time server. Prefer to have the clock sync controlled by the PLC logic, don't want to run OPC server, nor any PC software.

At this point, the I/O-s are not important.
The budget is a few hundred $. May be I can stretch it a little more.

Any suggestions?
Most of the AutomationDirect PLC's have RTC's and even the smallest unit, the DL05 (~$100) can have one put in as an expansion card.

I know they're putting in an SNTP client as part of their new "MPower" platform, but I don't know if the classic processors have anything like that.
Thanks for the reply,

I know, most of the PLCs, even the very cheap ones have Real Time Clocks. I just have not come across a cheap one, which could sync. the RTC with an internet time server, controlled from the logic. It has to run stand alone, no OPC nor any custom pc program, since no pc will be "hooked up" to it.

I have no hands on with A.D. PLCs yet. If it would do the job for cheap, I'd go for it. Or any other brand.
Try embedded linux. There you can install a softPLC (see classicladder project). Then you'll have all you need (I/O+ Logic + TCP/IP Stack).