Chinese Characters on GP Proface & Wonderware Intouch


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I have to work on a project which needs to have Chinese Characters on the HMI. Any one can advice on a more professional way of putting in Chinese
Characters in the screen of GP Proface and Wonderware Intouch (like Unicode, etc...) besides the crude way of using bitmaps.

Zan Von Flue

Maybe ask Proface (the manufacture) to make a letter set in Chinese- they have taiwan, korean and Japanese letter sets, or at least it looks like it.
Siemens has Chinese characters as a standard option package that you can purchase for their HMI package ProTool and their SCADA WinCC.

Peter Clemmett

A years or two ago did a project in Beijing using Intouch and "Chinese Star". Chinese Star is a program for entering & displaying Chinese text - works on NT 4.0 OK (some reliability issues...). Many similar types of programs available.

Can create English & Chinese text in Intouch and toggle between the two. Can't add Chinese text to Intouch database descriptions.

Hope your Chinese comprehension is better than mine...
I have used Chinese Star with Intellution Fix. It work very well accept for database tags description. ie. if you use the description in your alarms and labels, it will only be in English. But all graphic screen can be in chinese by entering chinese characters through han yu pin yin.

I also understand that Intellution Fix now has an add-on for chinese characters.

I believe wonderware has the same issues.

Scott Kortier

As you may or may not be aware, Pro-face America purchased Xycom in Feb of 2001, all of the support for Pro-face products is now handled by Xycom. Please give us a call for support of Chinese characters. We also have a product called OpenHMI IWS, which supports unicode very well.

Scott Kortier
Product Manager GP/GLC Products
Xycom Automation