Choosing overspeed protection system for steam turbine

Best overspeed system of these three?

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We are in process of Engineering electronic overspeed trip system for our Synthesis machine(Turbine driven Compressor) and would like some inputs from community. Three probable options are:
1) Go for CCC Guardian overspeed trip system in 2oo3 configuration
2) Go for Woodward Protech-II overspeed system in 2oo3 configuration
3) Use three jaquet T401 tachometer modules in 2oo3 configuration

Pl. Note that budget is not an issue. Just need honest comparisons of these above mentioned systems.
Turbine main details are as :
Power : 18 MW approx
OST setpoint : 15356
Steam : 105 Kg/cm2 pressure, 510 degree celcius temperature

They are all probably equally adequate for overspeed detection and protection.

They can all probably be powered from available power source(s) at your site.

They all probably have different options and features, some of which may be useful at your site and many of which may not be so useful.

They all probably can be programmed and/or configured relatively easily.

What you're looking for in a control system is: What kind of experience does the supplier have for this application (overspeed detection and protection--choosing and specifying settings/parameters, and integrating the two-out-of-three overspeed modules into the existing turbine control protection system (hardware and hydraulic/electronics), AND what kind of after-market (after-commissioning) support can they provide (do they have knowledgeable field service personnel who can answer questions and be on site in a relatively short period of time if there are any problems?

It's not so much about the equipment--all of which are good components/systems and capable. It's about how they are configured and programmed and supported during installation and commissioning and after commissioning. Ask the supplier(s) of these control components if they can provide references (the names and contact information for individuals they have done similar work for on similar systems) and then (this is the difficult part!) call or write these individuals and ask them for their honest evaluation and experience with the equipment and the supplier--both before, during and AFTER the equipment was installed and commissioned.

MANY sites fail to do this, or feel uncomfortable contacting and asking such questions of others. Interesting, because at conferences and get-togethers people do talk about their experiences with equipment and suppliers and it's quite often--after the fact--people find out their choice of supplier had a past history of less-than-proper configuration, installation and/or commissioning, or poor after-commissioning support. And, they wish they had known before they made their choice of supplier.

Knowledge of the application, how to configure, program and integrate the components/systems into your existing turbine control and protection system, how to commission and whether or not they offer after-commissioning support for questions and issues--that's what should really be driving your choice. Some equipment is not as good as others, but the control system integrator offering the equipment can "make it sing" (they understand the application and configuration and installation and commissioning--and offer service support after commissioning), while some control system integrators have better equipment but don't have the knowledge or experience to properly apply and install and commission the components/systems. It's people, and knowledge and experience you're looking for in this case, because all of the equipment you mentioned can be made to work--with the right knowledge and experience. And, it's after-commissioning service and support that are also very important.

Talk with the salespersons not just about manufacturers and components, but about past history and experience of their company in configuring, programming, integrating (installing) and commissioning the equipment for your application (overspeed detection and protection). And, ask for references (the names and contact information of people at sites where they have done the same or similar work) and then contact them and ask for their impressions and experience.

You'll be very glad you did!!!

Hope this helps!