Cimplicity HMI to Modbus


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Damian Cepeda

We made a monitoring sistem with Cimplicity HMI of GE fanuc in General Motors Mexico. Here we have two kind of industrials networking. 1:Datahighway (AB) it's ok. 2:Modbus plus (MODICON) connect to ethernet thorough Modbus Plus to Ethernet Bridge ( TSX Momentum CEV 200 30) This bridge has a internal configuration to routing,IP,Mask,Gateway,etc. We read registers 41000's of the PLC connecting direct to modbus plus ok. We need to read registers 41000's in two PLC connect cross to ethernet to modbus (by bridge)and modbus plus to modbus (by BM85). The configuration of the modicon device is: "IP __.__.__.__" "@" and number of the "mbp" internal of the Brige. example [email protected] IP @ identificator 24 mbp* mbp*:contain the routing in the internal routin table inside bridge.