Cimplicity or iFix ?


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Raoul Huisman

I'm looking at both products but cannot choose.
What are the big differences between the products ?
Does anyone have experiences with the service & support departments of
both companies ?

Raoul Huisman

John Jacobsen

I have used Cimplicity for three years now and once had to use the hotline for support, the tech was very helpful and knowledgable of the product. Another note is the Cimplicity website were you can find all the tech manuals for their product and a great knowledgebase/faq section. We have recently obtained a Cimplicity Safe contract for tech support. We are in the process of installing Cimplicity Open Process on our facility Boilers, I really look forward to using this product, If you have a lot of analog control like we have you will benefit from the function block programming environment vs. ladder logic like we have done.

Ewald O. Stiehm


I have used both packages as well as many others and Intellution's iFIX is the way to go. iFIX offers users the power of fully integrated VBA (Cimplicity uses a much older VBA 4.0 from Summit Software - not Microsoft's VBA), secure ActiveX containment (the only HMI on the market that offers this), and many productivity tools (Cimplicity lacks most of these). Software licensing is much easier with iFIX and Intellution's Tech Support is equivalent to any of the big HMI vendors. Also, Intellution has much greater experience (150,000 installs) and a wider variety of I/O drivers available.

I hope this helps.

E.O. Stiehm